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Sunday, June 25, 2006


WOW, that was one helluva soccer game. 16 yellow cards, 4 red cards, I think it's a FIFA record. Though Boulahrouz's first yellow really should have been a red, he totally shouldn't have gotten away with that kick to Ronaldo's leg. Anyway, it was definitely a game for hockey fans. Brutal, somewhat hilariously so (DrBob says it's not a coincidence that this always happens to the Dutch), especially since we wanted Portugal to win and they did. Also? DrBob says I'm crazy, but the referee totally reminds me of the tall blond guy from the Drew Carey show. Lewis, or something like that?

Song du jour of the day: (Everybody was) Kung Fu Fighting... by, well, everyone. Carl Douglas, Wang Chung, Fatboy Slim, Kool & the Gang, and - how could they not? - the Foo Fighters (hi Nate!).


Anonymous said...

You are not crazy, that IS the dude from the Drew Carey show.
kissy kiss kiss kiss
Melanie and Ruby

raindog said...

that was wild. i'm afraid this cup is going to be remembered for its yellow and red and bad officiating. however, it will probably play to this england fan's favor that deco is out and possibly ronaldo.