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Saturday, November 16, 2013

I got a picture !!11one!

As you can see, some of the socks are inside out. Yeah. That's because I had to tuck in the ends but I haven't snipped them yet because you're supposed to do that after you wash them, so I decided to wash them inside-out, then snip them, then right them. To save myself some trouble. Because turning socks inside-out is so hard.

It is just now occurring to me (not for the first time) that I may have some sort of psychological problem.

the problem is getting the pictures

Literally. That's the actual reason why I haven't blogged in nearly four weeks. Because night is when I think "ooo - I should blog, oh but I can't because I don't have pictures" but I can't take pictures of my knitting at night because my camera is kinda crappy and learning teh mad photography skillz will take up valuable knitting time. Maybe writing this will remind me to take the dratted pictures tomorrow morning? Though the next three months will probably be sucky photo-months because of the winter light.

I'm still in sock-nirvana, with nine socks in some stage of development but not sure how many I can count as finished. Ends are tucked in four socks, three are still pending, two are on the needles and none have been washed yet. So what counts as done?

Other Knitting News:
Gave up on various original designy-type things for the lavender silk and am settling for another Featherweight. Miles of plain stockinette, enabling me to read The Left Hand of Darkness on my computer.

AliƩnor: the second sleeve is about 7/8 done and I am stalled, Stalled, STALLED. I've been revising the pattern and I'm at the proofreading stage, which is why I haven't even opened the file in maybe four months. Because I do not love proofreading, especially my own stuff.

Also stalled on another design that was rejected by Twist so I decided to self-publish, and I must say, it's a good thing they rejected me because I would nevar have gotten this done by the deadline. So yay them, right?

Stalled on the Rosita Mittens.

I need gloves. I bought three patterns by Laris. I have the yarn for all of them. Still have not cast on.

I designed some nifty stripey fingerless mitts and wrote up the pattern, it can be published as soon as I can get it tested! I have a potential testing crew on hand, and even a forum that I can use. I could start this up like flipping a switch. Am I making any move toward that switch? Um, no...

And Cassandra says I should open an Etsy shop! And she is absolutely right. Uh. Yeah, about that...

But! I gotta lotta socks!