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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pfaffenhofen and the Wollmeise Shop

imperfect basket
Saturday I went to Pfaffenhofen! My friend Yasmin drove, she lives in a nearby town so we're practically neighbors. And we (she) found a parking place right in front of the shop and we saw lots and lots of people and hugged lots and lots of yarn and sat on couches and knitted and it was fun. And now some pictures. My photos here, Elemm's photos here, Goldbek's photos here, and here is Maria's post.

And I really wasn't going to buy any yarn. I just wanted to say hi to people and see the shop, and um, well, I didn't buy a lot, not really. I mean, compared to what I already have, it was actually quite a small amount.

Eh. Maybe that's not the best argument.

I got mail!

Today I went to Pfaffenhofen, but that post will have to wait till tomorrow, because before that, on Thursday, a box came in the mail. It looked like this:

When I opened it, there was, open

Under the newspaper, there was this!
box, shinyI almost stopped right there, because oo! Shiny! But eventually I remembered I was sort of a grown-up, and peered under the shiny. box contentsThere was happy!

It's a swap, I'm sending some of my blue-and-green yarn in return.

Here's the not-yarn: box contents, non-yarn Chocolate! Stitch markers! A teeny-tiny sock and a very nice note!

And here's the yarn:
Merlot. merlot, endwise
Buxkranzl. buxkranzl
Der letzte Versuch. der letzte versuch

And roter Himbeermund. roter himbeermund


Sunday, June 14, 2009

a handy tip that is also a very bad tip

So I picked up this habit, when I knit socks, of jotting notes on the back of the ball band about gauge, cast-on, things to remember about the heel turn, etc. I suppose it would also work for hats and gloves.

You know what it doesn't work for? A sweater for a largish man. I'm making a sweater for DrBob, designing it myself because I have a problem with authority am wholly incapable of following directions am creative like that, and the bottom of my knitting bag now holds a salad of pointy, slippery, pencilled gibberish. There's a design that will never get published.

Hm. Perhaps I should learn from this experience...