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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pfaffenhofen and the Wollmeise Shop

imperfect basket
Saturday I went to Pfaffenhofen! My friend Yasmin drove, she lives in a nearby town so we're practically neighbors. And we (she) found a parking place right in front of the shop and we saw lots and lots of people and hugged lots and lots of yarn and sat on couches and knitted and it was fun. And now some pictures. My photos here, Elemm's photos here, Goldbek's photos here, and here is Maria's post.

And I really wasn't going to buy any yarn. I just wanted to say hi to people and see the shop, and um, well, I didn't buy a lot, not really. I mean, compared to what I already have, it was actually quite a small amount.

Eh. Maybe that's not the best argument.


Elemmaciltur said...

Seriously, you don't need an argument for Wollmeise. :-p

alala said...

Oh. Good point.

Tini said...

so jealous.
o.k. maybe next year, when we will go to Stuttgart again!

btw. AliƩnor is finished! I just wait for a better hair day :) to take the final pictures