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Thursday, November 27, 2008

loot! woot!

Thanksgiving is not a holiday here (of course), so the cute postman was able to deliver a perfectly-timed package from Amy! Perfectly timed in several ways: the chocolate turkeys she sent for the boys arrived (and were consumed) right on Thanksgiving Day, how super is that?persiacotedazure

Also, Elemmaciltur just mentioned on Facebook that he was looking forward to the next shipment of the Wollmeise Sock Club. If you'll recall, I was on vacation during sign-ups, and so missed out completely, but I wasn't too sad when the first shipment went out because I'd been the test-knitter for the I mog di pattern. Well, now the next one's en route (you can see it if you ALERT ALERT ALERT THIS IS A SPOILER DO NOT CLICK THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED AHOY THERE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED click on this link) and I was going to be all mopey about it, but now I have Malabrigo Sock Yarn so I am just about coping.

fab stuffAnd thirdly, what with one thing and another, I'm down to three wips: don't have the yarn for this project, don't have the attention span for that one, the test-knit's on hiatus because the designer is busy with other things right now, and crucially: I can't start this sweater because my big-enough project bags are all (both) in use. Well, now I have another big-enough project bag! I actually turned it inside-out so you can see the lovely green fabric on the inside - the outside is the same purple as the clutch. I don't recall telling Amy that green and purple are my favorite colors, but she seems to have figured it out, possibly because they're hers too. And the thing with the stars (stars!) is a sock-sized project bag, also very wonderful. And chocolate for me and DrBob, she says... yeah, like he's going to get any. Heh. And see the Eric Carle card? I love that!

Oh, and she also sent corn meal so I can make corn bread, which is one of those things that I love beyond reason and can't get here in Sausageland, and also some "toaster pastries," i.e. Pop-Tarts but more upmarket with the organic and the recycled packaging and such. Those didn't make it into the photo, but they are happily ensconced in my kitchen.

So yay. I am thankful for blogging and Ravelry and distant friends.

Friday, November 07, 2008


Yes, LOVE my new needles! I ordered them, and they came while I was busy having this weekend which was admittedly hellish, but eventually I opened the box and pet the yarn and swooned over my pointy-stripy fabulous new needles.

Actually, one of the reasons I bought the set - well, not really a reason, but a positive aspect, something that made it seem like even more of a good idea - was that I have a wip which wants 3.0mm needles, and my collection is distressingly week on 3.0s. And I think I thought the set had those, but no, it starts at 3.5. So I'm going to have to send them back.

HAAAGH! Just kidding! Of course I'm not going to send them back. I am going to hug them and squeeze them and call them George. They are pretty and pointy and quiet and wonderful and I might just ask to be buried with them.