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Sunday, June 14, 2009

a handy tip that is also a very bad tip

So I picked up this habit, when I knit socks, of jotting notes on the back of the ball band about gauge, cast-on, things to remember about the heel turn, etc. I suppose it would also work for hats and gloves.

You know what it doesn't work for? A sweater for a largish man. I'm making a sweater for DrBob, designing it myself because I have a problem with authority am wholly incapable of following directions am creative like that, and the bottom of my knitting bag now holds a salad of pointy, slippery, pencilled gibberish. There's a design that will never get published.

Hm. Perhaps I should learn from this experience...



Elemmaciltur said...

I'm sure you can decipher your knitting without the notes.

alala said...

It's black. And fuzzy. It'll be a lot of work. Besides, it's all wrong for photographing (see above, re black and fuzzy), so I'll probably have to make another one anyway if I want to publish the pattern.