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Sunday, June 21, 2009

I got mail!

Today I went to Pfaffenhofen, but that post will have to wait till tomorrow, because before that, on Thursday, a box came in the mail. It looked like this:

When I opened it, there was, open

Under the newspaper, there was this!
box, shinyI almost stopped right there, because oo! Shiny! But eventually I remembered I was sort of a grown-up, and peered under the shiny. box contentsThere was happy!

It's a swap, I'm sending some of my blue-and-green yarn in return.

Here's the not-yarn: box contents, non-yarn Chocolate! Stitch markers! A teeny-tiny sock and a very nice note!

And here's the yarn:
Merlot. merlot, endwise
Buxkranzl. buxkranzl
Der letzte Versuch. der letzte versuch

And roter Himbeermund. roter himbeermund


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