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Friday, June 30, 2006

well, that was fun

I left work early today to go watch the Germany-Argentina game in an apartment full of noisy soccer fans. I got a front-row seat and it was hella fun, but also very stressful, but also very joyful when Germany finally won. And also very, very loud. This is a day (and there are not very many of them, honestly) when being into sports is a Good Thing, and makes up for all those days when you kick things and say, "I hate soccer ( / football / basketball / hockey / rugby / whatever)." Now people are driving around and honking and blowing whistles and waving flags and I'm enjoying the euphoria.

Bittersweet, though, because Italy slaughtered Ukraine, 3-0. Ouch. And lest you wonder about my soccer loyalties, well, Ukraine is a newcomer, this is the first time that they even qualified for a major soccer tournament, and I'm totally impressed that they got this far. Also, I like underdogs, and now Portugal is the only one left in the running.

Also? Italy is a beautiful country, fantastic culture, food, art and architecture, but watching them play soccer is like watching a dogfight. They play dirty: They hurt people and act all bewildered and victim-y when they get caught. They run into (or trip over) an opponent and then fall over howling and clutching a shin, to try to get the other guy in trouble. That's how they beat Australia, you can see in the replays that Neill didn't tackle Grosso. Grosso took a dive, the ref bought it, and awarded Italy the penalty shot that won the game. That is both lame and sucky, and I want them to lose because I don't like the way they play. And as if that weren't enough, their jerseys this year! Pre-installed pitstains! Oh my God! And the numbers? Yes, you saw that right: shiny gold stuff. Ew. I'm sorry Samirah, but violence + whininess + fashion crime = Bad soccer.


samirah said...

Noooooo! Italy doesnt play dirty, they play creatively! There's a difference you know. And come on, who doesnt play up an injury for extra points/time outs/do-overs? Haven't you ever seen an NFL game? Besides, they killed the Ukraine, absolutely killed them. Italy could have just stood around playing with Francesco Totti's hair and they still would have won. They're just a better team.

How do you think they'll do against Germany??

samirah said...

P.S Those really are some ugly ass uniforms. Seriously.

Elemmaciltur said...

Alala, I totally agree with you. I absolutely loath how the Italians go about playing their "Calcio"....absolutely dirty. Sure, there are always these bluffs...but how the Italians do it is absolutely disgusting. They should just be disqualified from the whole football world.

Und wehe die Italienner besiegen uns..... *grrrrr*