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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

the Playmobil funpark trip, heavily condensed

The Germany-Poland game was a nerve-wracking experience. I watched it with Ignatz and he kept having to tell me to calm down. Now I'm all tense and headachy. I'm beginning to think maybe I shouldn't watch three games a day for the next two weeks. It might be a bit... uh, what's the word? Unhealthy? But Germany won, at the last possible moment, Oliver Neuville I LOVE YOU! (call me!) (okay, just kidding.)

So bleah, no thoughtful blogging from me tonight, I have to go to bed. Instead I'll give you this, which I had hoped to do with the Sniglet's cooperation but now I've decided that he's already cooperated enough. At intervals during our visit to the Playmobil Funpark I whipped out a piece of paper and told him it was a blog, and asked what he wanted to remember about the trip. Here's what I wrote down, at his request:
  • We took the Intercity Express from Munich to N├╝rnberg and had an Egg & Cress sandwich (he pronounces it Eggncrit).
  • The pirate ship had a scary rope bridge, wobbly.
  • The stupid thing was there was a guy who shook the rope.
  • We saw a locomotive hitch to a passenger car.
  • We rode the bus. The first bus was the right one, and we were the only passengers.
  • We went through a jungle thing with Amazon indians and a waterfall.
  • I played in the water and got wet.
  • I played trains in a big playhouse, with the same train like I got.
  • It was my best day.
  • We ate a donut.
  • I got really wet because I played in the water with the freight ship.
  • At the hotel I got Coke, which I never get for dinner.
  • The chair in the hotel room turned into a bed.
So there you go. A good time was had. Today I took him to Munich to see The Wild. I liked it, actually, it appealed to that aspect of my personality that DrBob calls Queen of the Non Sequitur. There were a lot of WTF moments, but they were funny ones. Anyway, it was hot in the city and on the train, which may be contributing to my general fatigue.

Song du jour of the day: have I done City of Dreams yet? It makes me homesick, and it's pretty droney for the Talking Heads, but I love it anyway.


Anonymous said...

What, you never let him have Coke for dinner? Meanie!!

:) Melanie in Blaine/Vancouver

~d (tilde) said...

I love his thoughts on the day! How precious is that?! Hurray for alala!

P.S. I deleted said post. I felt it was the right thing to do. I do not believe in breaking promises.