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Sunday, June 18, 2006

some notes for the knitterati

just poking my head out of the PHP trenches for a minute to throw out some stuff I been meaning to tell you knitters out there.

So HELLA-CUTE I might just have to have another baby: Catherine knitted some BABY UGGS! Aaaagh! I keep going back to look at them because they are so fabulous.

Also, stop me if I'm the last person on the internet to find out about this, but I stumbled across a site where you can make and print out your own knitter's graph paper, set to whatever gauge you specify. I don't have a printer, so I haven't test-driven it yet, but it's definitely bookmarked.

Finally, ends are tucked in on two sweaters (and it's like 99° outside every day - timing, much?) though I haven't blocked them yet, and the current project while I'm watching the World Cup games, because I have to have something to distract me or I will get waaaay too emotionally involved... is a tree. I always thought it should be possible to knit a tree, using cables on a purl background. And now I have some nice smooth green cotton to work with, leftover from the strawberry and tomato baby hats I made (umm, anybody have a really new baby? The tomato hat still needs a home), so we'll see how it goes. Remind me to dig out the battery-sucking vampire digicam and take a picture once it's a little more identifiable.

Song du jour del día: La Araña Picua, by Los 50 de Joselito. Hard to find songs about knitters, so a song about a spider will have to do. The logic is sound, at least.

Apropos of nothing, I have no idea why the song needs to relate to the rest of the blog post. That's a stupid limitation, I think I'll drop it.


samirah said...

Uggs are bad and evil. They represent all that is wrong with the world. Resist the temptation! Resist!

Also, the U.S had a draw against Italy. I deem that unacceptable. There was a stupid ref and Italy was playing like they were afraid of the ball.

alala said...

Hee hee. I admit, I hate Uggs on supermodels and Kate Hudson, especially how hairy they are and how much dirt they could track into the house (dude. I have been a housewife for waaaay too long). But the knitted ones? On an Eeyore doll? And potentially on a tiny baby who can't walk and therefore track dirt? Too cute.

Italian soccer team = evil. Consistently.

I was gonna go say all this on your blog, but um. It seems to have been er, compromised. What's up?

samirah said...

Ha, yeah, I kind of had to kill it. I suppose I should make a new one...

p.s. Italian soccer team = super awesome!!