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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Some thoughts that wandered through my head today while I waited for webpages to load, commercial breaks to end, water to boil, etc.:

It was a beee-yoooo-tee-full day today, and I spent a lot of it outside, working on DrBob's manuscript and figuring out php stuff with a clicky-pencil and a spiral notebook - so primitive! I bet Chaucer did his programming in exactly the same way. Also, I think my eyeballs are sunburned.

Clearly, the Sniglet is engaging in a campaign to transfer all of the sand at the kindergarten to our house, via his shoes. From his point of view, the campaign is going splendidly. From mine? Not so much.

~d asked:
Ooh, ooh! how did the haircuts come out!?
Well, my kids generally look like they had their hair cut by rabid weasels anyway. This time it looks like the weasels at least used scissors instead of their teeth. 'Round here we call that good enough.

Song du jour of the day: Feed My Frankenstein by Alice Cooper, from my mixmania CD. For this line: "Well I ain't evil, I'm just good-lookin'". Hah.


landismom said...

Heh. My son has that same hair cut right now.

samirah said...

Can I ask a question that has most likely been answered several times before (but not to me because you just entered my universe a few days ago)? Feel free not to answer.
Ok, what are you doing in Germany? Are you German? Do you even speak German?