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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Love my peeps

So ~d and Kelly both picked up my music meme and RAN with it, and a buncha really hoopy froods picked it up from their blogs, and I'm having a sack of fun following the links around. Yay.

I should clarify the rules, though, I suppose. Yes, you can absolutely get out all your CDs, how do you think I did it? I also ran through the R.E.M. list on my media player, and visited the Righteous Babe site for Ani songs. I did choose only songs that I have actually listened to, but you don't have to. Also, if your artist was in a band and then went solo, you can use songs from both ends of their career (i.e. Annie Lennox/Eurythmics, Robbie Williams/Take That (*cough*Lisa*cough*), Natalie Merchant/10,000 Maniacs), and also covers they've done of other people's songs. I wanna make this easy so it'll be fun for people, so more people will do it, so I can read more lists and have more fun!

Know what else makes me momentarily happy? Some soccer players exchange jerseys with a member of the opposing team at the end of a game. That's right. They run around and get all sweaty for 90 minutes... and then they take off their shirts. Hoo boy.

Song du jour of the day: apropos of nothing (ahem), Marvin Gaye. Let's Get It On.


~d (tilde) said...

yeah-apropos of Dr.Bob!
I received a sample of Astroglide in the mail today-but ended up not needing it. Like-NOT not needing it. Just NOT needing it. Dig?

~d (tilde) said...

If you get a second- go see this dude's post today...