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Monday, June 12, 2006

what you get when I blog while watching TV...

samirah said...
I try to cheer for America, but my heart just isn't in it.
I kinda have to agree. Socccer just wasn't that big when I was growing up, not like it was and is here in Europe (and, um, everywhere else in the world), so I have a hard time taking Team USA seriously. But I was working on it. DrBob says they're good, which he doesn't say often about anyone. But, MAN. Slaughtered by the Czechs today. Slaughtered! Augh! SIGH. Rats. Oh well, this was never gonna be our year, we drew a really, really tough group. But still. Drat. Well, they'll just have to kick Italy's butt on Saturday. Fingers crossed.

Okay, enough soccerblog. Momblog! I cut the boys' hair today. Usually I love their hair, it's so thick and strong - Ignatz's is straw-straight, like mine and my mom's; the Sniglet's curls when it gets long enough, like his dad's and my dad's. So cute. But also so hot, now that the weather's finally (and about frickin' time) gotten good. I have to cut their hair myself because I'm too damn disorganized to make appointments for them, but they are squirmy and utterly without vanity, so I do it grimly and with great speed. We'll know tomorrow if I missed any significant spots, and then if I want to fix them I'll have to sneak up on the boys while they watch TV.

Elsewhere, progress is slow. I think I'll have to work on DrBob's book while watching the Italy-Ghana game. Yeah, way to turn out quality work.

Song du jour of the day: If I Should Fall from Grace with God, by the Pogues.


raindog said...

soundly beaten. routed. it was shameful. goal in the first five minutes of play? then one from 30 yards out? i had to quit watching. they barely resembled a team out there. i'm finding it hard to believe that they'll make it out of the first round.

nice song du jour by the way.

samirah said...

ooh, I'm famous. cool.

also, I have to agree. That was kind of a pathetic attempt at soccer.

~d (tilde) said...

Ooh, ooh! how did the haircuts come out!?>
You are so brave.