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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

everything okay

Well, the surgery went fine, no hitches except for the inconvenient kind - why, if they weren't going to see him until 9, did they tell us to come in at 7:45? I hate that. But nothing important went wrong. The Sniglet was scared and shaking when we went in for the anesthesia, but he was very brave about it all, no freakouts or anything, and now the problem is the same one we had last time: there is really no way to get such a busy little monkey to "take it easy for a few days," per doctor's orders. He's already all over the place. Totally bummed that he has to miss the kindergarten soccer tournament this Friday. While we were still at the hospital he leapt out of bed before his legs were really functioning and went kerflump. Fifteen minutes later he wanted to try again.

He is so his father's son. DrBob taught an evening class the same day he had knee surgery. Bonkers, both of them.

Anyway. I'm hugely relieved, even though I've been through this before and knew intellectually that there was nothing to worry about. Maybe if I start saying it aloud, this headache I've been carrying around for three days will take the hint and go away.

Song du jour of the day: Arctic Monkeys, The View from the Afternoon.


landismom said...

Glad to hear that he is bouncing back (although of course it would be better if he weren't literally bouncing)!

Elemmaciltur said...

Okay, I think I haven't been reading all I didn't know about the surgery.

Nevertheless, it's always a good sign when they're bouncing and cheerful after a surgery.