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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Advice, please

So my bff wants to set up a recipe database, and asked me to do the code (she'll handle the design side, thank God), which perfectly jibes with my own plans and is therefore fabulous. I've chosen said recipe database as my final project for the PHP class, and it's doing my head in because it must actually work, as well as meeting my teacher's standards (y'all are my beta-testers. Watch this space). I've put hours and hours and hours into it, and I'm not even close to done. Bff is totally cool, and she'd happily give me another couple months, but now I've made it into a school project, so it has a deadline. The quarter ends June 22nd, but I can take a bit longer if I need too. On the other hand, I've been a good student up to now, and I don't really want to geek that.

DrBob has been applying for jobs around Germany, and may be getting a few interviews soon, we devoutly hope. He wrote in the applications that he was writing a book, so if he can bring the finished manuscript to the interview, that will look Very, Very Good (it's not unusual here to take 10 years to finish a book). He needs me to proofread, and I've already done the first two of three chapters, but I missed a lot - obviously I wasn't concentrating. And chapter three is sitting on my desk. Staring at me.

Usually about once a week one of the grown-ups here will get a wild hair and do a housecleaning blitz because he or I just can't stand it anymore, but we're both so swamped with work that we can't bring ourselves to put down. The last one was maybe 4-5 weeks ago. Seriously. It's cleaner outside than it is in my living room. Gross.

It's the World Cup! It only happens once every four years!

The Sniglet learned to ride a bike last October, and then we had the 5-month deep-freeze and he, quite logically, forgot how. Somebody needs to re-teach him.

The weather is so beautiful right now, and it could stop being beautiful any second. I really should enjoy it while I can.

The garden? Well, if you like the Everglades look...

There are 159 unread emails in my in-box.

The um, institute I work for publishes two books a year, and they go to press at the end of July. It's All Hands On Deck for the next six weeks.

With the Pentecost holiday over, my English classes resume this Wednesday. Lesson plan? Umm...

The Sniglet's kindergarten circus-themed Summer-fest is this Friday. He is to be a Strong Man, so I need to construct a barbell for him. No idea how.

So I need help prioritizing: how should I spend my time today, on my one "free" day this week?

(Aside from blogging, I mean.)


Kelly said...

I would goof off. I mean- you said it was sunny outside, right?

alala said...

You are such a bad influence.

KimberlyDi said...

barbell? arts & crafts places have styrofoam balls... gets 2 big ones, insert each end of a pole/stick/long skinny thingy into 1 of the balls. Some super glue too? Paint it black and voila.. barbell. Just an idea.

no idea on priorities. I'm swamped just like you.

~d (tilde) said...

Yeah-I gotta roll with Kel on this one...enjoy the day...CARPE DIEM !!! (hahaha!)