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Friday, July 22, 2005


I love, love, love this. Of course I applied it to the JOB site, and cackled like a maniac. I can't decide which I liked best: meteors, dinosaurs, or the scribbling baby.

Robert suggested I might should finish out my contract (till December) and then not renew it. L is still ticked off about the blog-thing, even though I said only positive things about her. Not that she has admitted this, but the tone of her emails has changed significantly since that meeting. Anyway, in response to Robert's suggestion I said oh, no, this is the only front-end work I get to do. I like the database course, but it's all back-end stuff, and only slightly in line with the career I was wanting. In fact, if I'd known at the time that UW also had this course, I would've done it instead. It's much closer to what I ultimately want, which is web developing. But these courses run about $1800 each, so I can't really go around collecting them. If I get a database job-job, and make enough money that $1800 doesn't sound like a lot - okay, if I'm making that much in a month, and still have time to take classes, then I'll consider it. For now I'm locked into databases. Which is not a bad thing. It's fun, it just lacks a certain creative element.

But I have strayed from my point, which is that the JOB site is the only real web design work I get to do these days, and quitting that job would therefore be bad. But then, given how much fun I just had with that site at Netdisaster, it looks like I may have a bit of unexpressed hostility toward that job, and I might should get out before expressing the hostility starts to sound like a good idea.

Something to ponder.

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