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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Yippee-hooray! And a teensy argh.

Okay, I signed up for Secret Pal 11 because I liked the idea of picking out pretty things and brightening a stranger's day. It was all about the giving, I thought, but no! I was wrong! It's the GETTING, BABY! My super-awesome Secret Pal who sent me all those reassuring emails when I was full of doubt about my ability to do a good job on my first SP swap sent me a box of wow! And yay! Look! SP11 photo1 How cute is this? SO cute! The green-and-black checkery-thing? It's a shoe! A ceramic witch's shoe! And how did she know about the bat thing? Ask Kelly, the bat is sort of my totem animal, but that's not widely known (well okay, now it is). Ha! Love! It!

SP11 photo2And Trekking yarn, which is so fab because it solves my dilemma. Remember, I couldn't decide whether to use the Mari-yarn for Armadillo or Anastasia? Well, LOOK at that purple! Perfect for Anastasia, so now I get to choose both! Always my favorite option.

So much happy stuff! Stickers, Mardi Gras beads, pins, pen, paper, and I love that card, that's hilarious. Yay! As for the teensy argh, it's just that I couldn't get a good photo of the little hippo Webkinz guy - he really is a very nice light blue, but all the light blue stuff was really problematic with the camera flash, which I was using because the weather is so very icky today that it's been twilight all day. So I had to shoot it flashless, in natural li- um, what passes for light today. Gack. So the second photo does not do justice to the fabulousness of my Secret Pal loot.

And my Secret Pal is seriously awesome. Thank you SP!


amy said...

nice. and the card--absolutely wonderful card. enjoy knitting those socks!!

Elemmaciltur said...

Lucky you!