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Saturday, November 03, 2007

for the ears

But first: Nah, I don't need a pattern for the Armadillos, I could figure them out. I could figure out the Anastasia socks too, actually. Woo-woo, listen to the SupaKnittah! I sound like an arrogant git. But it's true. I could.

Anyway. This is marginally knitting-related: it's about podcasts. Since my usual stars of the podio world have decided to abandon me in favor of trivial stuff like weddings and grad school and burnout and taking breaks and whathaveyou (nooo! you are here to entertain meeeee!), I've been forced to branch out. Yes - I am actually listening to a non-knitting podcast! Whoa. But I knit while I listen to it, that should make it this a suitable topic for a knitting blog.

The podcast is Will Write for Wine, and it is done by two writers (genre fiction, which is what I like best to read) who talk about the craft of writing and also the business end of it. And also about wine. And tell silly stories. They're very funny, but they're also really interesting and articulate about the writing process, and I'm finding that aspect fascinating. I have no interest in becoming a writer, but I am an avid (and very picky) reader, and I really like understanding the writing process so that I can articulate what I like or dislike about a book. They also recommend various random things they like, like books and websites and music, and I've found a few really cool things through them. Like this. I haven't actually read any of their books, but I did order two from amazon this morning, so I will!

So y'all. If your podcasters are in a slump or on hiatus, here's a new one to check out.

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