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Monday, November 26, 2007

tagged! again!

By Elemmaciltur, again! For a meme I already did for Kelly (oo, that reminds me, I owe her another one as well), which means you now know sixteen random things about me. It's enough to make one's head spin.
  1. Colors. I color-code things. On the calendar, my stuff is written in green. DrBob is black, Ignatz blue, the Sniglet red. When I knit sweaters, ring marker colors have Deeper Significance: purple for the left side, green for the right. Blue for the back, red for the front. It's important.
  2. Numbers. I remember strings of numbers. I do multiplication tables in my head while I wait to fall asleep. I know all the squares up to 25, and I can count to 1023 just using my own ten fingers. None of this knowledge has ever been of any use to me whatsoever, but still. There it is.
  3. Because 1+2 is 3, numbers have colors. One is red. Two is blue. Three is pink, four is purple, five is green. And so on. I don't know why I do this. I do know that I would love colored knitting needles, but I can't buy them until I find them in the right colors: the 2mms have to be blue, the 5mms green, etc. Otherwise I'd just be confused.
  4. The bed must be made. I think I mentioned this one before - I read somewhere that you feel better when your bed is made, and I tried it, and durned if it isn't the truth. On busy days, when I leave the house early and get home just in time to go to bed, I can do without making my side of the bed. But even if I keep my back to DrBob's side, I know that his blanket isn't folded and his pillow isn't fluffed, and I know that they are staring at me. Waiting. And I can't fall asleep until I've fixed them.
  5. When I was in junior high, my handwriting looked almost exactly like my dad's. By the time I was 30, it looked almost exactly like my mom's. Now it's like my mom's, only messy.
  6. I do not like straight knitting needles. The only reason I even have any is because someone gave them to me. I never use them.
  7. I haven't watched television on any kind of regular basis since I was about 17. I really miss it, but I never seem to find the time.
  8. My hands and feet are almost always cold.


Elemmaciltur said...

oh, whoops. I kinda thought that you might have done this before. :-p

alala said...

that's okay, everybody has. I tried to throw in a few knitterly ones this time.