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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Today in the mail there were 3 CDs and 3 books. But no yarn. This made me just a little bit sad. But the music has turned out to be a good accompaniment for making my first-ever short row heel, and the Shrek soundtracks might just inspire me to watch the movies again. I can knit while I do that!

The books, the books... nope. I can't knit while I read paperbacks. EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! THE BOOKS MUST BE DESTROYED!

Hm. Somebody in this blog might need to get a grip already.


Elemmaciltur said...

What are you complaining about yarns? Geez...we're going to Sauerlach, right? (I think it might have to be Sunday, coz I have to work on Saturday...might make it an SnB outing)

Patricia said...

Start getting those books on CD. Wandered in through Ravelry's NaBloPoMo in case you wondered.