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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

me again

Umm, yeah. Wordpress is fine, but I'm starting to see a reason to separate knitting content from the Other Stuff, so that's why I'm back. I'll be posting the patterns that are already on the Wordpress blog, and bringing the 5-hour baby sweater over from yet another site, and posting the long-promised Ruby sweater pattern as well. Soon. I'll also fill my blogroll with knitters and put a buncha buttons in and mess with the background image and all that fun stuff that wordpress tends to be less cheerful about.

But, you know, for the mama, expat, fiction-reader, orphan, cat "owner" (hah), movie-lover, occasional sports-fan, academic wife, song du jour of the day and general all-around freak stuff, that's still over here.

Okay? Okay!


Elemmaciltur said...

Cool, now I can add this to the "Ladies who knit" list on my blog and keep your Alala one in my "They left and survived" list.

alala said...

Heh. You're so sweet, linking to me twice.