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Saturday, July 28, 2007


Oops, this was supposed to be the general knit-blog, not just a place to store my patterns! Yeah, well, I can't knit and type at the same time, is the thing. Also, I spend about as much time frogging and tinking as I spend knitting right now. I seem to need to get about 2/3 of the way through a product before I can realize that this particular yarn really wants to be something else, so my projects keep hitting the rewind button.

Openwork HatAnd that's really stupid, because with 13 years of knitting under my belt, I should already know that shiny mercerised cotton doesn't cable well: why on earth did I think it could be a Shedir? So that's turning into an openwork hat, which I have to design myself because hunting down a pattern would take time away from knitting. Of course, so does all the frogging and tinking I have to do when I realize that my gauge is way off, or the decrease pattern is not going to work out. Maybe I should publish that pattern as well, once I get it figured out, because seriously: this would be a 4-hour project if it weren't for all the mistakes.

Also, this week I've finally decided to get on with the charity knitting. What's been holding me back is the geographic aspect, i.e. the fact that I'd have to mail something to, say, Indiana so the charity could mail it to an orphanage in Poland. All that postage and pollution, when I could practically throw it to Poland? But I've decided to ignore that, because it kept me from getting started. Next hurdle: I went down the list of charities, and the ones that appealed most were the chemo and preemie ones, but the yarn I have on hand is mostly too scratchy for such sensitive skin. Yes, I'm using charity knitting to whittle down my stash - gee, selfish much? But I promise I will buy yarn for the purpose once I don't have a closetful just sitting there, staring at me. I will. Anyway, I found some nice washable Norwegian Baby Ull and cast on, but then I saw Eunny Jang's argyle vest and I have enough, and seriously, how unbearably cute is that? I have to make it.

Um... does anybody have a new baby boy coming this fall? Because I'll have this cool sweater and I need someone to give it to. Well I could send that to a charity, I guess. But the openwork hat, I don't know, that might still be too scratchy/bumpy, so it'll probably wind up on my best friend's kid, and I'll still owe Caps for a Cure a Shedir.

bazaar socksWhat else? House socks for Ignatz, using yarn I'm sure you recognize. That yarn has been frogged so many times it's getting to be like dental floss, but I can't just put it aside. Some mental block is forcing me to use it up before I can move on. The strandedness should consume yarn at a fearsome rate, and they will be house socks for a boy who refuses to wear house shoes - although he may well refuse to wear these, maybe I should just send them out too - I heard that charites that outfit kids get a lot of baby stuff, but they really need things for the 6-14 age range.

So that's the project tally for now: House Socks for (probably) Ignatz; a blue baby vest; an openwork hat, probably for Miss Aurora; and Arwen. I'm on the back half of the second sleeve, which is practically done, but a lapful of merino is not my favorite thing these (late July) days. Still, I should get Arwen over with because I've invested too much to abandon her, but she has taught me a very valuable lesson: I don't like knitting other people's patterns.


amy said...

I've recently decided I need to knit for Afghans for Afghans. (They take hats & mittens too, and maybe sweaters? Not sure on that one. Socks, too, I think.) At any rate, they want wool. I have wool.

My yarn project for the past three days has been untangling 400+ yards of Schaeffer Anne. How cranky am I?

alala said...

Yeah, I wanted to knit for them too, but again: the stuff would travel more than halfway around the world. That just seems weird.

Good luck untangling. Not my favorite job either.

Kelly said...

I can't tell you how much she is going to like that color!

And I thought it was just me who didn't know some super-secret method of untangling yarn!