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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


That's squee with an extra syllable because I'm so darn excited!
We have received your application and are pleased to inform you that you are now an official participant of Secret Pal 11!
Is that not teh awesome? My first-ever Secret Pal! Oh lordy, I hope I can be organized enough to do this, I still have a pile of stuff to send ~d, it's waiting on one more item and it's been months! Months! I will slap my own hand.

Project update: Arwen. Stalled. I'm sorry, but I am just! so! bored! Because I swatched and swatched and swatched and then knit half the sweater with the wrong yarn and then swatched some more before I found the right yarn and I knew I'd get sick of that cable. If I hadn't done all that, I could've made the sweater and a matching hat and scarf (duh, who needs a hat and scarf with a hoodie?) before I got sick of the cable, but no.

Openwork Hat 2Aurora's hat: Right here. I'd like to thank my lovely model, Blank CD Case.

The helmet liner for some lucky soldier - a lucky little soldier I hope, because it fits me just about right and I have a teeny tiny head - still miles of 2x2 ribbing. Those people who groan about miles and miles of stockinette? That is exactly how I feel about ribbing. I love miles of stockinette, actually, because then I can read while I knit.

The baby argyle sweater: still stockinette. That'd be going faster if I spent any time waiting at the doctor's or the post office lately, since it's living in my purse.

The stranded house socks: stalled. I think that yarn is cursed.

Also I joined the designers' group on Ravelry and oh. mygod. I am so outclassed. Oh well, I should be used to it by now. Oh, and I went to a local um, meetingy-sort-of thing, a local women's group that meets on Tuesdays for breakfast, and a Turkish woman there taught me Turkish knitting! It'll take me awhile to get the hang of it, but it's cool. The yarn goes around the back of your neck, and you control the tension with your right thumb, and move the yarn around the needle with your left thumb.


landismom said...

Cool liner! I like that it's purple.

I'm afraid I didn't understand much of your post, being unfamiliar with the knitting lingo, though.

~d said...

damn gurrl!
You are going to be needing more midol soon!
So where are you blogging?! Here or word press?