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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Elemmaciltur said...
so, what are all the colourways you got?
Oop, did I leave that out? Right, I think I wanted to make a little photo-montage or something. Let's see...
  • Farn, for the Elfine socks, which I don't know how I found out about, but I already had the pattern bookmarked before Saint Brenda talked about making the Amos socks, and I think making socks inspired by literary characters is such a good idea...
  • Pfauenauge ... ...that I decided I wanted to make Julia Larwood socks, after the Woman Who Drops Things, from Sarah Caudwell's wonderful novels.
  • Miss May, for the Laura Florand socks - she is a literary character, but also a real person, so maybe I should name the socks after the book she wrote instead, Blame It On Paris. Calling them the Laura Florand socks might be a bit... stalkery. I should ask her.
  • Tiefer See. I made the first attempt at the Find the River socks (because before I hit on the literary characters I was naming sock patterns after songs), and sent them to Kelly and I hope she likes them, but I don't. I mean, they are fine as socks, but the pattern didn't turn out the way I wanted it to (which is why I stopped writing about it), so I've started over on that.
  • Gewitterhimmel, for the Billy Reid socks, which I really should get started on because the others are way ahead of me. In keeping with the song genre, these will be named "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Feet."
  • Amazonas. The colorway is named for one river, but it really reminds me of another river, in another rain forest, near my hometown: the Elwha. I only have a few vague impressions in mind yet, but with the Elwha socks I want to try to convey busy, sun-dappled water, mossy rocks, and graceful madronas. If I get it right, these socks'll make me homesick.
  • Pfefferminz Prinz, because I'm thinking of making another Kate Gilbert pattern, the Equestrian Blazer, with this colorway, probably in the merino though now, in July, it's hard to imagine ever wanting anything so warm. So I bought the sock yarn to sort of mess around with, see if I love it a whole sweater's worth. (I know the merino will be different, but still.)
  • Versuchskaninchen 1 and 2. Love! These! And she's not going to have them for long, so I have to grab them while I can. No particular project in mind, I just want to see what they say to me.
  • Veilchen, because it's Purple! I love Purple! Maybe I'll make more baby flower-hats with that and the leftover Farn from the Elfine socks.
I should make a picture of them all so you can see them. But now I have to mess around with the entrelac bag photos and get them up on Flickr. I'll put them here too. I'm really proud of that bag.

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Auntly H said...

Cool! Now I just have to learn entrelac. I think I'll go with lining it instead of felting, but I guess we'll see how I feel after I actually make the thing. Can't wait to see what you decide....