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Saturday, October 21, 2006


You guys! Are so cool, and there are new people in my comments (hi! welcome!) and comments I want to answer but I still don't have my own internet, am still grabbing moments here and there with DrBob's computer when he goes to the gym or the bathroom or something, and it's just difficult in the time I have. I'm sorry about that. Also, has eaten my password, so I had to start a new blogroll, but I didn't get around to digging around in my blogger template to put the new code in. The blogger template's kind of a pain, actually. Which brings me to my point:

A Thing I didn't tell you, but it was true neverthess, is that I've been considering leaving Blogger for awhile now. I've been sniffing around LiveJournal, WordPress and Typepad for awhile, and I decided that I like WordPress. The interface is spiffier, I like the templates better. Someday I'd like to download the WordPress software and move my blog to my own site. It'll be awhile before I have time to do that, but I set up a free blog on their space, and today seems like a good day to start new there. For reasons that will be revealed when you click over (sorry for the sentence fragment, but the previous sentence was just getting too damn long).

So I hope you'll follow me to my new digs, change your links and stuff like that. And bring some tequila. Here's the address:

Song du jour of the day: Moving, by Kate Bush

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