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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Gotta make this quick because I'm using DrBob's computer while he's at the gym. No, no internet yet, though he can pick up on the next-door neighbor's WLAN signal (because his office shares a wall with the neighbor's office, and mine's on the other side of the house). We should be back online with our own signal next Monday.

It's going well, but it's an enormous job because we didn't really summon help, but decided to do it all ourselves. There's a big, but diminishing, pile of boxes in the middle of our new living room - my fault, that: he'd just sock it all away in the basement, I'm the one insisting that every item start its new life in its proper place. Even so, I'll have a heap of organizing and rearranging to do, but every little bit I do now, when I don't have internet, will save me time that I can later spend surfing. Dude.

And the old house. Once we got all the Stuff out, it looked like a family of Tasmanian devils had been living there. Now the spackle-fairy (i.e. DrBob) has been there, so it looks blotchy but not quite so structurally unsound. Next is the cleaning, every minute of which I so far hate. But someday it will be done, and will stay done since we got the Tasmanian devils out - oh, speaking of evil-minded rodents, apparently there's a weasel in our new garden! How cool is that?

Anyway. It's progressing. My schooling is not, and I'm trying really hard not to get totally stressed out about it. Partially succeeding, because I look fairly relaxed, but my skin's a mess. Well, this too shall pass. Meanwhile, I love my new house, while at the same time finding it very hard to believe it's actually mine. Well okay, half of it's really the bank's, but they're letting me live here, and even that is hard to believe.

Song du jour of the day: Buddy Holly, by Weezer


KimberlyDi said...

Glad you could pop in for a moment. I was wondering how the new house was coming along.

I hate moving.

leil said...

I think you are doing it right the first time--boxes whilch go downstairs stay there nearly forever.