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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Dang, this is turning into a House-buying blog, only without any interesting details because they all talk funny here and I never know what's going on. We saw the Bank Guy today. We like him. He seems to like us. We have to borrow more money than we thought, because the dollar has dropped two cents against the euro since the last time we checked, and that lost us $2500 right there. Wow. But he said that was fine with him, so we get to borrow €125,000, ack. And we made some decisions about how many loans and what kinds and monthly payments and all, that I'm pretty sure I understand, but if I try to explain them I'll realize how clueless I am. Also we showed him the notary's draft of the contract and even though it's not in Bank Guy's job description, he read through it and told us what we should change. God, I love small towns.

Housework/Packing progress? None. I did a bunch of ironing today, that's all. I am the anti-Martha.

BUT (drumroll, please) my Mixmania! CD arrived yesterday! Huzzah! Now the move has a soundtrack! It totally wocks, and I = stoked. Woot. Thank you Chuck!


samirah said...

This is so cool and grownup. I'm wicked excited for you. yay!

Hey, guess what! I can totally play Debaser on my bass now :D

Chuck said...

I'm so sorry for the delay on the disc, too. That majorly sucked, and I feel bad.

I was in the process of moving -- evidently something with which you're acquainted :) Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the disc!! Isn't Mixmania a hoot?!