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Thursday, August 17, 2006

now we're committed

Today we went to the Notary's office. I don't actually know how to go about buying or selling a house in the U.S., never having done it - my brother is the go-to-guy on that one. So I can't really compare and contrast the two systems, all I can tell you is what happens here, as it happens. And as I understand it, since DrBob does most of the bureaucratic work. So the Notary drew up a contract last week, we read it, the Bank Guy advised us, yadda yadda you know this. We suggested some amendments, they made them, and today we and the Fishers met at the Notary's office, which here is like a business, where a lot of people work there and we saw a sort of junior-notary-intern person. She read the entire contract aloud, stopping to explain this or that point, and then we all signed it. It took hours, and I could see the others starting to nod off too. I had to squint to understand everything, so that kept me fairly alert. I also had some non-sleepy-formula cold medicine in me - what the hell is in that stuff, by the way? Because we already used up the sleepy-formula stuff (Nyquil and Dayquil knockoffs, both of them, thank you Walgreen's) (because we can both tolerate being sick when we have to work, but we tend to want to mask the symptoms so we can sleep), and I figured I should be able to sleep with the non-sleepy stuff because I was assuming they put something sleepy in the sleepy stuff, and the non-sleepy stuff is the same thing only without the downers. But it may contain some kind of uppers, because my sleep has been very very strange, and when I'm awake I'm a little loopy, whether from lack of sleep or the uppity cold medicine I don't know.

Um, where was I? I dunno, but I did find out how much our space in the underground garage will cost us (€12/month) and, that we'll just take over the house insurance and then we'll be insured against fire and burning (?), and also lightning strikes and something else, and against being crashed into by steerable flying objects. That means if an airplane or space shuttle (or a cruise missile, adds DrBob) hits our house we're covered, but if it's a meteor, we're not. I'll have to see if I can get that changed. How much extra do you think they charge for meteor coverage?

Also the Fishers gave us some photos of the house, which I will scan and put up for you when I'm a bit less of a freakshow. Have I mentioned that I'm sick? I am. I'm getting really tired of it, too.

Song du jour of the day: Crazy, by the Jesus and Mary Chain. I think I already used that one... oops.

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~d (tilde) said...

OMIGOD! Watch out for the meteors!!