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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Things Proceeding Apace

We're going to see a tax advisor today! Who will be our "tax-guy" from now on, egad we need a regular tax-guy. Further evidence of grown-upness. Because DrBob works partly from home and I'm going to launch a freelance web-development thing this fall and I'll be working completely from home, so we can deduct the home-office bits of our house which may require a separate loan and it's all just too complicated for a regular brain. We need a properly educated one.

Once the tax-guy is seen we make an appointment with the bank-loan guy. Oh, wait, does that happen before or after the notary? Um, the notary just got back from vacation and is working on a contract. We'll have a week or so to review the draft (maybe we should get a lawyer too? hmmm) and then the signing will be on the 16th, if all goes well. At that point we hand over €50,000 and the Fishers give us a key.

Then we have several metric assloads of packing, cleaning, painting, spackling, unpacking and arranging to do, and Princess DrBob is already griping about how busy and stressed he is (as you may recall, he finished a book last month, so ever since March or so, whenever anyone asked him to do anything he said "Sure! After July." Turns out there was a lot of that, so even though the book is done (sort of) he's still up to his ears in reviews and articles and conference presentations and proposals and evaluations and translations and ack), and anyway men never do anything right (sorry, shorthand for a much longer story there), so yeah. Not only is the packing going to fall entirely to me, I have to be happy about it, because the alternative is much, much worse. But we'll pay someone to do the painting and possibly the spackling, and DrBob has got the bureaucracy and the griping covered, so it's not like my job is unfairly huge. It's just huge.

But today? After we see the tax-guy? We're going to go to Ampfing and test-drive Subarus! Whoopeeeee! Oh, and we're also going to visit the hearts of the Bavarian Kings, since we'll be in Altötting anyway.

So I'm sorry there haven't been any thoughtful posts in a long time. There hasn't been a lot of thought, is why.

Song du jour of the day: Week on the Rag, by Arlo Guthrie


Kelly said...

That's excellent- have fun! I wish I could help you move :(.

~d (tilde) said...

I wish I could make you a casserole.