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Monday, July 31, 2006

progress report

I know, I'm not blogging. Here's what I'm doing while I wait for my computer to boot...

Also working on this... I need to reduce my massive yarn supplies, and I can't stand to throw anything away. This kind of knitting goes well with the masses and masses of reading I'm having to do for school.

Still working madly - I was supposed to be done after yesterday, but due to an accident which is nobody's fault, they've had to push the deadline back a week, so I've got one more day. I hope it's only one. The ant-labor, yes, very grueling and brain-deadifying. (See? If I were lucid I would have been able to come up with a real word. Brain-deadifying. Sheeesh.)

House purchase? In progress. We'll meet with Mr Fisher tomorrow evening and set things in motion. Unless he's decided he'd rather rent to these other people than sell to us. Fingers crossed, I really love that house.

And a translating project that we're not really qualified for, but unfortunately, the people who are qualified probably don't exist. Did you know that translators choose a specialty when they qualify? No, not Spanish or Russian or French or whatever, but a particular area of expertise: economics or technology or medicine. Our specialty is Humanities, i.e. history, philology, linguistics and philosophy. Anyway, what we have is a jargon-heavy piece on picture-framing. Do we have the vocabulary for this? We sure don't! Neither, tragically, does Google.

Also? Something that's always true, but for some reason I need to tell you about it Right Now: the neighbor kids have two pet rabbits, and they named one of them Shtupsy. No, they don't speak Yiddish, and have no idea that they've named their bunny Fucksy. Are you gonna tell them?

Song du jour of the day: Jumpin' Jumpin' by Destiny's Child.


Chicka said...

Hey, where'd you get those? Thems are neat!!

samirah said...

Those are becoming quite kick ass.

Bobby Rivera (10th grade boyfriend) had a dog named Shmuck. I'm pretty sure that was intentional though.

Kelly said...

Love them- too cool!