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Sunday, July 02, 2006


Hm. Yesterday was, um. Eventful. The Sniglet was home, and Mr. Post-Op was supposed to be taking it easy but I could not get him to hold still, he was all over the place with his little friends, and running like a mad dog. Soccer, tag, freeze tag, hide and seek (when the seeker is five, and counts thusly: "1...2...13...17... okay, here I come!" hide and seek does involve a lot of running). Argh. What was I supposed to do, sit on him? No, because he would have struggled, and that is not "taking it easy."

In other news, Portugal beat England, minor yay! Because, um, I have a Portugal shirt! Because, er, it was the one in the store that fit me and wasn't white (I don't like to wear white, because my children basically see me as a giant Kleenex, and snerkies really show up on white clothes). Besides, Portugal's the only team left that hasn't won a World Cup yet, and I do hate to see the cup go to the same few countries time after time. Also, as I mentioned, my tolerance for drama queens is slightly higher than my tolerance for thugs, and Rooney - oh, my Gawd, did you SEE him stomp Carvalho's nuts!?! Yeek! On the other hand, once he was sent off, and Beckham was out, and with that decidedly unimpressive goalie, and with England a man short, Portugal still didn't score, which is fairly inexcusable. Seriously, if you can't put a ball past an opponent with that kind of handicap, you really shouldn't have got this far in the tournament. In my own, non-prescriptive, you-go-ahead-and-decide-for-yourself opinion. They're just not up to France's standard.

Oh, man, the France-Brazil match. Major yay there. Zidane was in great form and a miracle to watch. They did deserve their victory, indeed they did. I have nothing against Brazil, I just think they've won too many times (5), and they should give someone else a chance.

Actually, none of that was what I wanted to blog about. Ignatz did a bad, bad thing, and now I'll have to tell you about it tomorrow, because it's late and I have to go to bed.

Song du jour of the day: In a Big Country, by Big Country. They were wicked cool before they sold out and dumped the bagpipes, dude.


Anonymous said...

And do you still have your Kick'n'Melanie mixed CD containing said song of the day? Along with the beloved Asshole song?

lovelovelove reading your blog

Catherine said...

"In A Big Country" is a rad song. High five.

samirah said...

The France/Brazil game was amazing! France played so so... great! (I really can't think of a better word) I was proud of them and glad Brazil was out. Everyone cheers for Brazil now, damn bandwagon jumpers.

p.s. that is a good song.

alala said...

Mel, Yes, I do! The Asshole Song almost made it onto my evil mixmania CD, but was dropped at the last minute because I had enough songs for 3 CDs. I may use it for the current one, because of the "how about this heat" line.

catherine, heh. Yeah.

samirah, did you SEE it? Was that not SO FABULOUS? I've loved Zizou since the 2000 EuroCup, he's so graceful.

Germany has a buttload of Brazil bandwagon jumpers as well, and Hahaha! Losers!

raindog said...

i may be a bit biased, the england fan that i am, but i don't think rooney deserved the red card. yellow, sure, but not red. in a game that saw more dives than the summer olympics, i was proud to see rooney try with all his might to stay up. and if that meant stepping on a couple of nuts, then so be it. also, i thought it was pretty disgraceful of ronaldo to intervene against his M.U. teammate. i hope he has a hellacious return to england.

as far as france and brazil goes ... i don't think france played great as much as brazil played poorly. arrogantly and lazy. i think they needed to be beaten. actually, i'm looking to the semi-finals. i think the germany-italy match is going to be _the_ match of the wold cup.