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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Oh Zizou, how could you?

He was style, elegance, class and grace personified in the Brazil game. I've always loved Zidane, but that headbutt to the chest - I almost felt it myself, I was so surprised! I am the first to admit that Materazzi desperately needs to be slapped, no really I am, but not like this! Not when you could (and did) get sent off for it! I was so disappointed, still reeling from it by the time it came to penalties, I didn't care who won. The Italians, with their thuggery and diving, were never my choice, but Zizou, hitting him like that, you showed you were no better. Nobody who made it to the final deserved to win. I'm so sad.

Aside from that, it was a good World Cup, and I had a great time with it, but that final... I hope nothing like that ever happens again.

Samirah, congratulations. If you had a blog of your own (hint, hint) I'd congratulate you in the comments, but as it is I just have to hope you see it here. I won't say the best team won - I'd say the best team didn't make it to the final at all - but I know you'll be happy to see Italy with the trophy, and I'll be happy for you, since I can't be sorry France lost after that... that travesty.

Song du jour of the day: I Know It's Over, by the Smiths.


Elemmaciltur said...

Yeah, I was shocked about Zizou's action. It'd be interesting though to hear what Materazzi had actually said to him.

And I totally agree with you on the fact that the best team didn't even make it to the final...and that none of the teams in the final deserved to be in it.

At the least, Germany got 3rd place which I think is still a lot better than getting into final and getting only 2nd place.

landismom said...

I know, I couldn't believe it. I was watching the game with my MIL and my daughter, and we all just gasped. It was pretty awful of him, and what a sour note to end his career on!

samirah said...

:::is smug::: Thank you, thank you. I think the best team won of course and I'm wicked proud of Italy.

And seriously I was just in shock over that head butting thing. I mean, honestly, I expect that sort of behaviour from Andrea Pirlo, but not the French! Crazy.

raindog said...

lets look at it in a proper prespective. we're talking about a world cup where an elbow was thrown during italy v usa, a crotch was stomped during england v portugal, a punch thrown after germany v argentina, and lets not forget figo's head butt. i think its important to find out what set him off. i'm sick of hearing how he will only be remembered for this lack of judgement in a frustrating and emotional final match. he's a brilliant player and its a sorry state if this one act tarnishes his entire career.