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Thursday, July 06, 2006


Well. We looked at another house today. It's the one we were sniffing around last night when the guy (Mr Fisher) invited us to look at his house. This one we'll call the Mr Crouton house, because I can't remember the owner's name but it's something like that. €239,000, plus 3.48% realtor's commission, and it's part of the same house-cluster as the Mr Fisher house, built at the same time, similar size etc.

So the Mr Fisher house, I really like it, and I kind of don't want to admit to myself how much I like it, because I don't want to be too disappointed if we don't get it. At the same time, we had this viewing tonight, and another agent is going to get back to me on another house early next week, so I also had kind of a plenty-fish-in-sea feeling, you know?

Then we looked at the Mr Crouton house. Oh myGod, as DrBob says. It's... just... ugh. Icky smell in the basement. Long, narrow brown kitchen, and we'd have to supply all the counters, cupboards and appliances ourselves. Lots of carpet (we hate carpet), totally filthy. A kachelofen, like in the Mr Fisher house, but not as conveniently located or as nice. Dining area? Downstairs from the kitchen, are you imagining the disaster-potential there? I just... um. I would probably settle for such a house, thinking oh well, every house needs a bit of work at first, if I hadn't seen the Mr Fisher house. Now that I see what else is out there, I really really want the Mr Fisher house, so now I really will be disappointed if we don't get it. DrBob says "I'll call him," and I'm like "Now? Howbout now?"

Oh heck, did I mention this? Because it's biggish news. In addition to finishing a book, DrBob has a job interview in Berlin on the 17th. He wants to be a professor when he grows up, and competition is really fierce, so we're keeping our fingers and toes crossed for this Berlin thing. So anyway, he's under huge pressure right now, and I shouldn't be pushing him. I know this. But I really, really want that house.

Song du jour of the day: The One, by Shakira. I'm sure the romance is just a metaphor and she's really singing about a house.


Elemmaciltur said...

Keeping the fingers crossed for you guys!

Nate said...

welcome to the excitement of major purchases... I call it "the quickening". quite a rush, innit? : )

Kelly said...

Good luck! Good luck! Good luck!