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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yes. I am boring.

Because the DVD-rental place is about to close down, I'm renting DVDs lately. Yesterday there were three: Big Fish, where one character had a fair bit in common with my dad; the Lemony Snicket thing, about some orphans; and De-Lovely, about musicals, of which my mom and I were/are both huge fans. So I didn't actually set out to rent DVDs that would remind me of my dead parents, it just sort of happened that way. And by the end of the day I was um, pretty pensive and not feeling much like writing.

Today no DVDs. Which is stupid, because time is running out! Also, it's not like I did anything else useful today. I did get a phone call from the new webmaster, though, about a problem with uploading new stuff. Tomorrow's the Sisters of Mercy concert (woot!) so I'll be in the city anyway, so I'm going to go see him and help him try to sort it out. It's just too bad I can't be all Schadenfreud-y, though - hah! They need me after all! - because I really like the new webmaster and can't find it in me to wish him any misfortune. Hell, he has my old job, that's misfortune enough right there.

Which is terribly unprofessional of me to say, isn't it? Especially after they already got miffed at me for being um... excessively candid? Remind me not to tell any prospective employers that I blog.

Such a sad, pathetic, half-assed entry. I should be talking about the German mommy wars, since I'm right here in it, but I have to organize my thoughts first. I still have the Newsweek article about it, and have been wanting to point out the key, crucial point that Newsweek missed. And of course I have all kinds of thoughts about how it ties into so many current problems and ultimately points to a single fact: the world's economists desperately need to be lined up and shot. Quick, before they do even more damage.

Or about books! It really is just a weird coincidence, I totally didn't do it on purpose, but right around Easter I read/am reading both "The Big Over Easy" and "The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse." Isn't that weird?

Oh, and we're seeing Ignatz's therapist tomorrow. Should be interesting.

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Page Turner said...

I didn't realize this was a sad occasion.