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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Just stuff

Reviews of movies you either saw years ago or never had any interest in. Pretty thrilling, huh? I know, I know...I keep trying to be all virtuous and Write Something Every Day, but dudes, I'm not Shakespierce. Single + fabulous + intelligent sports fan + intelligent music fan + living in L.A. = lots to write about. Married + middle-aged + suburban + housewife + datamonkey + kitschgeek = not so much.

So anyway, I rented I Heart Huckabees yesterday. My veteran readers (that means Kelly, pretty much) will remember that we joined some Netflix-like thingy awhile back, but that turned out to suck so we quit. Last month, I think. There's another place I'd been meaning to check out, where you get a card and then check out dvds from a machine, and I finally got around to signing up on Friday, which is a bit on the lame-o side because they're closing down at the end of the month, because it's not profitable enough. Oh well, at least I get movies for a month. A month during which I have time. The MySQL/PHP class I'm taking will be mostly review for me for the next few weeks, and then I'll hit the wall in May sometime. Looking forward to it!

Digress much? Okay, here's my review: I liked it. It made me laugh. But I have a hard time imagining anyone but me liking it, so it was really, really nice of David O. Russell and Lily Tomlin and Dustin Hoffman and Mark Wahlberg and Isabelle Huppert and all to make a movie just for me.

Rachel's keeping up with the Duke rape story. I'm pointing you to her because I probably won't be writing much more on it (doesn't mean I'm not reading and thinking about it), and I think she and Tiffany are doing an excellent job. A few guys in the comments sections, whose agendas I haven't bothered to investigate, think that they (so okay, then, we) are not being suitably objective, but um ... well.

Oh and spring has arrived! Happy happy, joy joy! Also, it's about frickin' time!

Song du jour of the day: Terrible Angels, by CocoRosie. Speaking of stuff that's too weird for anyone but me to like. "If you'll provide the birdbath, then I'll provide the skin..."

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