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Saturday, April 22, 2006

ho hum

Wow, well I've been really busy, but with all boring stuff like homework. Also, while I was being busy with boring stuff, my house went and got dirty again. Still scratching my head over that one.

I think I'm disoriented because I was really too busy to pay any attention to the holiday, but it happened anyway, with the attendant two weeks' vacation for my kids. Our routine is shot to hell, and all this stuff I've been up to has not fit into any kind of framework, it's just one thing happening after another, which feels chaotic. Especially since I haven't been using my calendar.

DrBob is feeling better, thanks for all your well-wishing. He's feeling a bit too better, if you ask me. He actually wanted to go play soccer yesterday, on the same day as he had surgery. And if you think this is a buncha middle-aged guys tottering around the park at dusk, you're only half-right. Some of them do that, but DrBob comes home every friday with something horrible - a bruised rib last week, about six gashes on his shin the week before where someone with cleats landed on him repeatedly, a hernia last year - for DrBob, soccer is a blood sport. I had a helluva time talking him out of it. And now he's, frisky. He's got a face like a catcher's mitt and he wants to get it on. Jeez. I'm having trouble thinking up diplomatic ways to say 'no effing way'.


Kelly said...


landismom said...

Yeah, I'm soooo happy that school starts again tomorrow.

I can imagine the face on Dr. Bob. And the 'don't come near me with that thing' look you're sporting, too.

Lisa said...

I have had to give up on routine a long time ago, I just couldn' find one to suit us all.

Poor Dr Bob.....

KimberlyDi said...

That's so funny! Men are always frisky.