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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

oh, should I have clarified that?

In response to the boob-thing, Kelly said
um, what?
Uh, yeah. What, is that not normal? We're at the FIL's birthday party with his five still-living siblings and their assorted wives, and someone comments to my MIL that both her daughters-in-law are so thin. SIL's not there, so all the focus is on me, nd Aunt Leni says I could use another ten pounds, here and here (no I didn't slap her hand away, I was amused), and my MIL says no, her (meaning my) boobs are surprisingly big, given the rest of her, and Aunt Sophie tells me to be glad they're not bigger enough to be a nuisance, and I guess that's where we left it. DrBob seemed to think it was a Bavarian thing, I just figured that relatives get, um, earthier as they age. Hey, I was just glad to be included in the conversation, since I usually don't understand what's going on at all. I think the whole thing was a hoot, and another reason to be glad I married into a big family.


Lisa said...

You should be flattered, it means that you still got it girl!

Not sure how I would feel if my MIL groped me though! But my in laws are a whole other story!

vicki said...

When you're not around they refer to you as the skinny DIL with the grosse BrĂ¼ste. :-)