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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

the parents meet with the kid's therapist

Eeeerg. Well that was hair-raising. DrBob and I have had numerous conversations about his relationship with Ignatz, and what needs to change (DrBob's answer is always that Ignatz needs to change), and I have been completely unable to get my point across. That is, he hears me, he simply chooses to ignore the possibility that I might be right. So my evil side was quite looking forward to the therapist telling him the same things I've been saying for all these years, to wit: you are an adult and he is a child and it is unrealistic to expect him to do all the work in this relationship. Which she did tell him, today. Hee hee. However. I was not expecting her to do it with me sitting right there. God, I wanted to hide under my chair.

DrBob appears not to have gotten the message yet.

Song du jour of the day is, um, I Don't Want to Grow Up, by Tom Waits.


Kelly said...

Erg. Well, vindication is something, right?

alala said...

It is indeed, and I hope one day he will get the message. It just won't come from me, since I'm tired of having the same argument again and again.

Chicka said...

They aren't allowed to listen to us, even when we're right (which is all the time anyway).

It's in the handbook.