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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Foggy brain

I can't think anymore. I read three things today which seemed totally unrelated, but seen in the light of eachother, threw up some very interesting connections. But it had to do with the current political situation in the U.S., which is so dense and complicated and rife with assumptions that I don't really have the language to question, that I can't articulate the point I wanted to make, even though I spent most of the evening writing about it. They're here, and here, and here, if you want to try to see what I saw. If you don't want, hey, I understand.

DrBob is an academic, and therefore, basically, a professional arguer. You would think that hanging out with someone like that would be a good way to sharpen your own arguing skills, but it hasn't worked that way for me. My avoidance skills have improved immensely, but my arguing muscles have atrophied. I got in a discussion over Michael Moore with a friend a few weeks ago, and found myself floundering when he started putting words in my mouth - insisting that I was making a point I had no intention of making. I'm so easily confused lately.

Oh yes, and poor DrBob? Look, I'm trying not to be superficial here, but ick. Maybe if he hadn't insisted on showing me his stitches...

Song du jour of the day: Jerk It Out. Caesars.


Lisa said...

euugghhh stitches! Just say no girl!

Anonymous said...

Um, alala rocks. This is my first "blog comment", is that what this is?? It's me. Oh, you can't see me. It's Melanie in Vancouver/Blaine, with my gigantic pregnant belly and muddled head (normal size). I have been reading you regularly, and I am amused. Also very chuffed at being quoted re: the brain development thing with jr. Hope that is still going well. Sorry to hear about the dental issue. When Husband had to have dental surgery, he was convinced he wouldn't come out of it after the general anestetic, did up his will and everything, very stressful for all concerned.
Love ya babes.
kiss kiss
Belly Melly