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Monday, October 10, 2005

late. tired.

Okay, not late. It's about 9pm. But jet lag and Mom have me up at 5:30 in the morning, so this is the end of my day, pretty much. Ignore the posting times, they're based on Germany. Or if you can't ignore them, subtract 9 hours.

Well, dialup's a pain, and Mom seems to be disturbed by the clicking of the keyboard, so I find myself sort of disinclined to blog lately. I'm going to stop hiding the stuff about her, and go back and un-hide what was in earlier entries, because I don't think she'll be reading this anytime soon. But I don't know how often I'll be writing while I'm here. I'm keeping fairly busy.

The situation is still ambiguous. Mom is bedridden, and her physical coordination is not good. She seems generally cheerful, and Jerry says she's a lot better than she was last week, but of course she tires easily and there's been a lot of excitement the last few days. We have only questions and suppositions right now, best-case scenarios that we hope will be true, but no clear idea of what we can reasonably expect, good or bad. Apparently the loss of physical coordination predates the Methadone by a good bit, so she probably won't be getting that back anytime soon. That means no walking, probably for a long time.

Turns out Nate's in Mississippi until just before Christmas, so he probably won't get up here this year, and I have to get as much done as I can in a very limited time. What I have to do, though, is difficult to decide. I've made a list of all the meds she's taking, and with Robert's help, a list of questions to ask the doctors. I've started packing things up, not to get rid of them exactly, but to facilitate getting rid of them if that turns out to be necessary - throwing out unsalvageable clothes, putting all the books together by type, packing all the yarn into boxes... that was today.

There is much more to do, of course. Tomorrow the occupational therapist will come in the morning, and we'll take Mom to the oncologist in Bremerton (with an anti-anxiety drug in her to prevent a panic attack like the one she had Thursday). In the evening I'll meet with an old friend who is a quilter, and see if she or someone she knows can help Mom patch her quilts and take a bunch of extra fabric off her hands. And catch up, of course. Between appointments I'll be decluttering, packing up stuff and finding places to store it until we know better what to expect.

Tuesday is the appointment with her GP in town. I also need to call the library and used bookstore and find out if anyone wants her extensive collection of novels. She wants to keep the art and garden books, and probably pass the history books to her friend Barb, but there's a lot of other books lying around that she says she'll never read again. It's also the day to call the bank about paying off her house. Anything else? Probably.

Anyway, I sincerely hope we'll know more once we've seen the therapist and two doctors. I'll report after that.

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