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Friday, October 14, 2005

it's hard to make plans

Well, every day we know a bit more, I guess. She continues to decline. She mostly lies on the bed with her eyes closed, occasionally says something brief, but is not very communicative. She's not eating. I missed the nurse's visit today, oops, but Jerry says he doesn't think Mom will live more than two more weeks. So Nate's coming tomorrow night, and I've decided to postpone my return to Germany until the end of the month. We have abandoned all thought of getting Kilian out here, it's just too late. Mom says it will be too much work for her to interact with him, though she would like to talk on the phone with him one more time. We'll try to do that tomorrow. I am sorry, for his sake, that he won't be able to see her once more, but we have to consider her wishes as paramount right now. And maybe he should remember her healthy and happy, not like this.

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