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Sunday, March 08, 2009

or, not

Nonward. Nupward! Nowhere! Brace yourselves, people, because what I am about to say will truly shock many of you:

From Tuesday to Saturday of last week, I was too sick to knit.

YES! All the more amazing because I am posting today, when everybody knows that the next step after "too sick to knit" is "quite thoroughly dead." And yet, here I am. And it wasn't cancer or polio or arthritis or anything horrid, it was just some stupid virus. I wouldn't believe it either except I'm still feeling it if I try to do anything physically strenuous, like, you know, walk. Or stand up for more than five minutes. My bones feel tired.

So, despite my lofty ambitions, no more patterns or pictures or .pdfs have been achieved in the week since I put up Dunegrass. Although that has been downloaded 15 times! OMG I'm all famous! And I forgot to put any gauge information in the pattern, so, you know, I'm famous for being annoying and stupid. Well, if Paris Hilton can bear it, I suppose I can too.

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Elemmaciltur said...

Awwww...well, at least it's nice to know that you aren't thoroughly dead yet.

If you like, pop in this Friday.