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Monday, March 30, 2009

busy fingers

Well, eleven people bought my pattern, which makes me feel like all this time spent knitting ain't been in vain fer nothin', which in turn justifies spending all my time knitting now! Yay! Yes, I am working on another sweater, called Juana La Loca, and it's taking awhile because I'm pausing to document every stitch I knit (twice - once in knitterese, once on a chart). But I'm about halfway done and liking it a lot, so that makes me happy.

In other news, I'm re-knitting one part of the Dunegrass Socks so that I can fix the pattern, based on some very helpful user feedback. Tricky business, this pattern writing - I wanted to keep it flexible, but wound up being confusing. Now I'm making it as clear as I can, but if you follow my directions the socks will fit me, not you. Oh dear, oh dear.

I'm also working on a sweater I'm calling Fernán for now, a design for men. I'm not writing down every stitch, which would turn out to be a problem except that the prototype is for DrBob, so I'm knitting it in black, which is unphotographable. So I'll have to knit it again anyway if I want decent photos, and when I do that, I'll write down every stitch. Two-Skein Shrug, detailMaybe I'll make it for my 8-year-old, so it'll be done faster. Maybe I'll make it for the 14-year-old, so that by the time it's done, it'll fit the 8-year-old. We are awash in growth spurts here, they're eating like horses and outgrowing their clothes faster than they can ruin them.

<-- The two-skein shrug is also awake now, after hibernating all winter. I don't think I'll publish a pattern for that, because it's too simple. Anybody could figure it out. But I am looking forward to wearing it.

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Elemmaciltur said...

Wow! You're now like a super-star! Yay!