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Thursday, March 19, 2009

oh. em. gee

TEN pattern sales, and one of them? Was to the incomparable Yarnissima, my favorite knitstuff designer, the only designer whose patterns I knit without modifying them somehow. Well, except for Spina di Pesce, which I modified to fit a bigger foot than the pattern was written for, and then sent her my notes so she could offer the pattern in a larger size too. I've met her, she is made of awesome, I am a total fan, and she liked my pattern! Swoon!

SO, I'm not blogging lately, yeah? Because my hands are busy knitting. And that, um, whaddyacallit, that job-thingy I've had for a few years now, that takes up a little of my time (too little of my time - I should actually be working right now). Still here, though. Working on a test-knit, plus the inevitable Sniglet-Socks, I always have Sniglet-Socks on the needles. I also have several patterns buzzing around in my head, bapping at the inside of my skull like a fly at the window, and have started developing two, while frantically shushing the others.

Yep. Still here.


Elemmaciltur said... rush with that test-knit of yours, eh?

alala said...

Well, Marjan's set a deadline, so thanks, but they should be done next week anyway. Certainly by the next time I see you.