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Monday, March 02, 2009

onward. also upward.

ZERO progress on Zur Lederhos'n today. I've got the dark variation of the ZL colorway, and I can only knit during daylight hours, so even though the day's not over, I can safely say that I won't knit on those today.

My daylight hours - the ones where no children were home, anyway - were full of Dunegrass! I wrote a from-scratch web page of the Dunegrass sock pattern, hoping I could convert that into a .pdf, but the conversion process was fraught, I tell you, fraught with peril. Much searching through the Ravelry Wiki eventually revealed that you can make .pdfs with Google Documents. Turns out, that is also fraught, and the code is trés messy, but it was successful in increments just big enough to make me keep trying, and around 1 p.m. I emerged from the digital thickets, flushed and sweaty, triumphantly clutching a squawking, flapping, finished Dunegrass_Socks(eleventy-nine).pdf by one leg. I uploaded it to my Ravelry shop and it looks like there is now a freely downloadable pattern. And I just checked: one person has downloaded it! I'm famous!

Then the kids got home and I was too busy making lunch and shopping and criticizing. A mother's work is never done.

Still, the other patterns shouldn't take quite as long, right? And once I know all about uploading free patterns I can spifflicate the Aliénor pattern (needs more photos, which means I need to knit some more) and get that up... soonish. I hope. Can you believe it's been over a month since I finished knitting it?

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amy said...

Ok, I'm not as computer savvy, but I downloaded Primo PDF and I make PDF files from Publisher documents, and it's really easy. Your way sounds much less easy. (Mainly because I don't understand it.)

We didn't have any daylight today. A foot of snow'll do that to you. Sigh.