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Saturday, March 14, 2009

gone savant

I'm trying to get the Aliénor pattern into a presentable form, and I've been at it all day. The in-laws came over for coffee and I sat on the couch and twitched while DrBob and they talked about cats. I fidgeted through dinner with the family. But other than that I've been here, typing, tweaking, fixing, re-thinking. This is so fiddly! I'm learning to hate .pdfs.

Anyway, that's why y'all haven't heard from me in a bit, even though I've been right here. I hope to get it finished and uploaded tomorrow.

(Photo by Elemmaciltur)


Elemmaciltur said... will be done soon enough. Keep going at it!

Anonymous said...

I just ordered the pattern, waiting to download once payment clears.

amy said...

You are in 109 queues!! YOU GO!

You wouldn't believe how much this makes me smile. :-)

alala said...

It's done! Somebody bought it! Thanks Anonymous!

I'm smiling too. I'm also kind of surprised.