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Thursday, October 25, 2007

I won!

So there was a big squishy envelope in the mail today! From M.V., in Frankfurt - do I know anyone in Frankfurt? Nooo, I know someone in Hessen, but not Frankfurt-Hessen, and I haven't ordered anything from her lately, I'm still working on the last yarn I bought from her. Very mysterious. But not for long, of course, rip! shred! open! Mari! I love reading Mari's blog, even though I don't understand a word of Finnish (seriously, not one word. I know at least one word in a surprising number of languages, Swahili and Czech and Quechua and Indonesian, but no Finnish. Really. Zero.), because I like the look of it. I like double letters, as those of you who know my real name can attest. One of those things I would have put in that "six weird things about me that you probably don't know" meme, if I'd ever done it.

Anyway! My envelope of stuff! Does she know me or what? It's chocolate! With orange-y bits in it! And sock yarn, my very favorite kind that I never buy - it's both marled and variegated, such a joy to watch the colors change as the yarn slips through your fingers, but then once it's knitted up, you can't see the beauty of the yarn unless you stand closer to me than my West Coast-tuned proximity sensors will allow (I am all about the personal space, it's one of the reasons that living in Europe makes me so twitchy). So when I see yarn like this I always carry it around the yarn store for an hour, decide it's not a practical thing to buy, and put it back. But now I have some! In fabulous October-birthday colors too, purples and reds and browns and golds, see? Yarn from Mari

The photo of the yarn and chocolate together didn't turn out well, but you can see the yarn, at least. Click! Embiggen! It's pretty! This will have to make some very special socks. And then I will be the only one who knows how special they are.

Thank you thank you thank you Mari! This made my day.


amy said...

Oooh, that is pretty. And I think it's very worthwhile to have socks that only you know how beautiful they are. (I don't like people too close to me either. And I don't understand why other people have the need to get close anyway. Go away.)

I'm glad you got a package right about now.

amy said...

I didn't mean you Go Away. I meant the too-close people, Back Off.

Just to clarify.

Mari said...

Thih, I can teach you one word in FInnish. Say "kissa". Like you would pronounce it, if it were German. k-i-ss-a. It means "cat". :)

Elemmaciltur said...

You lucky girl!

Mari said...

Oh, and I think you should knit socks like these Armadillo socks: - the yarn will turn out just right ;)

alala said...

@ amy: I knew what you meant, because yeah. Exactly.

@ mari: kissa. Double letters! I can probably remember that, since I have a cat. Good thing you didn't try to teach me the word for budgie.

And yes, I think the armadillo socks are perfect for this yarn. Simple, quick to knit, no lace or cables to disappear. Thanks for the tip.