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Monday, October 15, 2007

gone over to the Dark Side

You know, I've read the posts and listened to the podcasts about Stash, and all these people who have more yarn than they'll be able to knit up in their lifetime, and I have concluded - I may even have written about it somewhere on this blog - that I am a knitter, not a yarn collector. I only buy for specific projects. Now, sometimes the yarn doesn't work out for the project I bought it for, and I have to put it to some other use, but I never buy yarn without some plan for it.

Until now.

Basket o' WollmeiseOkay, most of these do have a specific purpose, the blue and brown will be Ravenclaw socks, the black and yellow is intended for Hufflepuff socks, that orange on the left there will be Firestarters. Three dark red and black skeins are intended for a cardigan to go with a specific dress I have. But others... the Dark Peacock and the Rainbow were just too beautiful to pass up, and I may never even knit them, just pet and admire them.

And today, I sank even further into the abyss: Purple MariSilk Black-purple MariSilk

That's right, 1200 meters, that's 1312 yards of purple MariSilk, and no plan whatsoever for it. No project is fantastic enough for this color and this yarn. I can't imagine what I'll find to do with it.

It sure is pretty, though.


amy said...

It's so nice on the dark side. Welcome, and enjoy your stay.

bockstark.knits said...

haha! there's no going back now! :) join the club!

Elemmaciltur said...

1200 metres of MariSilk?! That's enough for Mystic Waters!

alala said...

@amy: Thank you, I've noticed that it is quite cozy here. And I'm in excellent company.

@ms b: you are the MariSilk maven, and probably my inspiration for spending so much money on this! Any suggestions?

@elemm: it is, but the Wollmeise Rittersporn is earmarked for that, because the silver-lined white beads will go so well with it (and also since you snaffled the Pfefferminzprinz laceweight already).

Kelly said...

Make me something purple!