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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

ADD and the knitter

Well, the Henry yarn + stitch pattern is kind of inflexible, and the scarf is pretty long, so it's not going very fast - and I have to put it aside completely when DrBob is home this weekend, because he's not supposed to see it. Christmas present.

So then I'll work on the MIL's Flower Basket Shawl, but it's a bit of an attention whore. Usually I can sort of grok a pattern after a couple of repeats, and I can see what this is doing in retrospect, but I'm not learning the pattern well enough to anticipate what comes next. So I have to squint at the pattern the whole time, and tink back if I lose my place, and never stop in the middle of a row. This too must be finished by Christmas.

And then there's the socks I promised to knit for Billy Reid, in the Knitters Uncensored mini-KAL which has only three participants. I think I have finally settled on a pattern and am ready to start thinking about maybe knitting them. I'm not sure what the deadline on this is, but I do know that MsB knits waaaay faster than I do, and Elemm has more knitting time, what with the not having children. I probably shouldn't leave that till the last minute. Especially since I don't actually know when the last minute will be.

So I think you'll agree that I have quite enough going on, knit-wise. So what do I go and do?
Loft905 w/ Needles

Buy more yarn. And needles. And start swatching.



jenfromRI said...

Of course that's what you do. Duh, indeed. :)

Elemmaciltur said...

I have more knitting time, eh? But do I knit? The answer is no....well, at least not on the Billy Reid socks. :-p