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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Go, Henry!

Henry1 My 100cm wooden circular 3.4mm needle finally arrived, and I was able to continue the Henry scarf (pattern is here). I'm liking it so far; once you figure out the repeat, it's fairly mindless, although you do need to look at it as you knit, so it's a good project for TV knitting, but not for reading. The yarn is 100% silk I bought at Benediktbeuern, from a woman who doesn't believe in websites and, it would seem, doesn't sell in shops, just at markets. Okay, whatever. The yarn is yummy, though kind of creepy - I don't like to wear silk because it feels like skin, but I figured yarn would be different. It isn't, really. Anyway, that was a digression. I saw this yarn (DeKnit actually pointed it out to me), and the color was just right and the sheen was so beautiful and DrBob has mentioned that I could maybe knit him something and maybe he wouldn't lose it this time, at least not right away, so when I saw this lovely yarn I seized the moment. It's not the weight the pattern calls for, so I had to go up a needle size. This may mean it turns out to be longer than expected, but that's fine, and it won't have to be wider than expected because I can just stop knitting when it's wide enough.

So then. So far, so good!


amy said...

Oh, I saw the gauge on that and wondered, will it take forever? Me and scarves, we have commitment issues.

I'm not supposed to knit with silk. Vaughan is horrified at the method by which silk is, well, retrieved I guess is the word. So far he doesn't feel bad for the chickens he eats, but I'm thinking either it's only a matter of time, or he will develop a fine sense of hypocrisy.

alala said...

Well, the recipe calls for Jaeger merino, I just saw this silk and was inspired. I would certainly have taken merino if I'd seen that first.

A thing about this scarf is that half the stitches are slipped, so it takes about twice as much knitting time to get the same amount of fabric, or perhaps it just seems so.

Another thing about the scarf, though, is that it is knit sideways, so you cast on a certain number of stitches and then you're committed to that length. Good for someone like me, because I tend to decide that 30 inches is plenty for a scarf, just tuck it into your jacket, it's fine.

bockstark.knits said...

ooooh, that's pretty!